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Coronavirus: Wuhan China corona virus disease (2020)

Coronavirus: Wuhan China corona virus disease (2020)
Coronavirus: Wuhan China corona virus disease (2020)

Wuhan China coronavirus humans : Hates me the coast is perfect nails where medicine makes perfect sense today we’ll talk about corona virus it's not just one virus they are group of viruses so a more accurate word is called Corona v-ray ad which is a group of coronaviruses we’ll talk about it and we'll talk briefly about the new corona virus which is discovered in Wuhan China coronavirus humans.
first we divide microbes into bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites today’s topic is a corona is a freaking virus.
Viruses: a virus is not exactly a living organism it's actually kind of in-between. it's kind of living and nonliving some people considered as at the edge of life why do you consider. its a none living thing because it’s likes a cellular structure. okay why is it similar to living things because. it can replicate very quickly indeed that’s why we call it go viral everybody wants to go viral nobody wants to go bacterial we first discovered those pathogens in about 1892 or so that's less than 150years ago.
Coronavirus Wuhan China corona virus disease (2020)
which historically speaking is nothing it doesn't even show up coronaviruses infect your cells and then they use. your own cells as a quote DNA making machined or RNA of course so they infect yourself and the term bacterioph age. some people say oh it's a bacteria no it’s virus that infects bacteria phage means. it's going to engulf it's going to eat it’s going to infect a bacterial you know there is a famous drug called Calacaphage glucophage is motorman. why do we call it fate because it's kind of eating the glucose.

it's decreasing the level of glucose in the blood it makes yourself eat glucose defending your body against. viruses is the responsibility of your glorious lymphocytes we divide viruses into DNA viruses and RNA viruses corona virus or viruses are RNA virus. if you want a lame mnemonic corona has an R and or DNA viruses and RNA viruses it's a topic that drives medical students nuts so go to help hippo that's a my website.  it's great by the way this guy has a brilliant song to help you remember the DNA and the RNA virus and this is from this channel. so DNA viruses are pucks herpes Hypanthia part that polyadena the second line no envelope. so therefore the first line has an envelope these are the 7 DNA viruses RNA viruses are 15 toga flay retro corona.

Delta Arena Bonilla and Philo radon or foam extra parameter Poorly Kales Hip And REO the last line. none enveloped all of these are enveloped these non-enveloped viruses are also known as naked viruses. which is slightly inappropriate for a medical lecture okay. let's make our discussion relevant to the current events the Zika virus is a freaking Flakier virus which is RNA Ebola is Philo again RNA Corona includes common colds viruses SARS.

which is severe acute respiratory syndrome Merced which is Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome. I'm from Egypt so it hits deep it's hitting home with mean the late 2019. corona virus discovered in Wuhan n4 novel which is because it's new novel in French corona very ad is the plural of virus. it's an RNA virus as you know here is the RNA positive sense yeah in fact all of the RNA viruses are positive except the red ones so except for these seven. so Delta is negative Arena negative Bunion negative and finales negative rep whose negative also mixed with negative power mixer is negative all of the others are positive sense RNA viruses. it’s a single-stranded RNA virus and it’s linear so all of them are linear except those three are circular and here is a circle just to remember.

how about the cased of the virus it's Hellas opposed to what as opposed to icosahedra how about does. it have an envelope yes it's an enveloped virus as opposed to what as opposed to naked have told you all of these have an envelope. but these no envelope some of you people think that corona viruses have been discovered 23 days ago not true they areas ancient as the 1960s the last one has been discovered 23 days ago 2019 novel coronavirus ultra as wuhan virus. so here are the corona viruses 2 - 9 a and OC 43in the 1960s and we have source Co V is for corona virus H for human kornevvirus NL 63 and then HK Hong Kong and His also for human you won in 2005 MERS. which is the Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome in 2012 and the later wuhanvirus just 23 days ago in December 2019 New Year's. Eve the first two doo fuses cause common cold sores is the severe acute respiratory syndrome.

this infamous and this one causes bronchiolitisthe Hong Kong one causes a respiratory disease. MERS Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome again a respiratory disease it’s also a nasty camel flu 2019 this is the hand corner verse have you noticed all of them caused risks fetor diseases so. how can we prevent them like wear am ask wash your hands do not get in contact with patients.
it's just commonsense prevention is better than cure especially when there is no cure okay let’s talk. about the Wuhan converse thesis brand new this is literally 23 days ago so we do not know a lot about this virus and I'm recording this on January23rd 2020 anything can change in the next few days weeks or years. so please forgive me for any mistakes here this is just as far as I know Wuhan Konev ours is the same thing as novel Konev ours is the same thing as Wuhan. Konev ours is the same thing as Wuhan seafood market in pneumonia virus because we do not know. what to call itit'salso that 2019 and Cove four-corner virus all of these are synonyms.

okay give me award that's a synonym to synonym okay that’s a good question for you to answering the comment section first cases of the Wuhan coronavirus were reported on December 31st 2019 the initial source is still unknown some people argue it's the seafood inane of the markets but it's doubted because other people who had no contact whatsoever with that market developed the corona virus snakes are probable reservoir would be too still we do not know human to human transmission is possible until January 22nd 2019 it’s not considered as a PhD I see by the World Health Organization.

what the flips PhD I see a public health emergency of international concern so in other words. it's considered an emergency inching but not worldwide yet look folks newspapers love hysteria epidemics outbreaks. all of this because they ghetto sell more newspapers and they get you to click more on their articles so but just to put things into perspective the number of deaths from various causes from 29th of December to the 23rd of January not 29th.

it's actually like let’s say 31st or something it doesn’t matter that much from heart disease more than 1 million people died from heart disease about car accidents 90,000 HIV49,000 influenza virus 38,000 the Wuhan corner virus 25 until this moment but you will never hear about this tomorrow. when you read the newspaper because it does not sell enough papers you will hear about the Wuhan corona virus and have the world is coming to an end and humanity as we know.

 it is toast but as of this moment you're way more likely to die from heart disease than from any corona virus but if you watch the news to any4:7 this will increase your stress levels which is correlated with heart disease you are not helping anybody and please remember Ebola remember. when people were angry at former PresidentObama they said hey you should do something you shall burn all flights banal flights okay it's true that Jeffrey and his buddies are going to the beach and an airplane it's also true that little Carol is going to see her grandma but it's also true that there is neurosurgeon.

I was flying to save about three to four kids lives there is also psychiatrist. whole is going to talk twosome patients who are suicidal when you ban all flights you might do more harm than good. but aren't you aware medico so the China has closed down some transport. yeah I know it happened in some cities not the entire country first we do not know yeti might be a good idea it might be abed idea. it might be a good idea for China but a bad idea for another country don't know I'm not an expert on these issues so please take my words with a grain of salt if you have any symptoms please talk to your doctor and as I say one disclaimer a day keeps the lawyer at bay here is a great quote from that genius.

dr. Thomas auld there are no solutions in life only trade-offs everything will have some desired effects and some side effects and here are some great words from the insufferable Z dog MD I'm kidding. he's great person. while Ebola is bad let’s not forget the score c-diff staff and fellow already kill way more so instead of Ebola you can say while Coronas bad let’s not forget the score c-diff Stefan flow already kill way more okay medicos.

so what's your prediction about techno virus it's difficult to make predictions especially about the future. let’s see what happened when some people made some smart predictions. which has lots of false predictions. here is another wrong prediction by another poll by 2005 or so it will be clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machines ah but hews awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. which tells you something ok you're not funny Mehta kiss please tell us what can we do you take control of that which you can control if someone came to mean asked give me just one health advice that will have the greatest impact on the average person the answer is wash your hands.

so here is what you can do according to the World Health Organization wash your hands cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing because it’s disgusting stop it people avoid close contact with patients seek medical care. if you have noticed any symptoms avoid direct contact with live animals avoid consumption of raw or undercooked animal products. I know that the rare steaks looks pink and amazing but it’s not safe man also please remember that risk equal hazard times probability and while this corona virus seems relatively hazardous with a case fatality rate about three to four percent the probability of you developing this infection is extremely rare until this moment in the next topic article we will continue our Rheumatology playlist we’ll talk about management of rheumatoid arthritis we shall discuss the small molecule inhibitors.


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